Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Bloody Red

"malalaman mong nasaktan ang babae if may binago siya sa buhok niya"

I know it's stupid, but it's true. So, say hi to my regla red hair. haha!

Biyernes, Nobyembre 2, 2012

Be Better : Resolution Time

I decided to start of the new years early, so here is my super advance new years resolutions! Cheers!

  • Study first before Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr.
  • Do not procrastinate, period.
  • Pray the rosary every night.
  • TRY my very best to exercise and eat not more than what's necessary
  • be nicer and less sarcastic


  • wasting my baon buying things that I really don't need
  • buying things online
  • insulting people (Oh Lord help me on this one)

I hope I can do this...*fingers crossed

Huwebes, Nobyembre 1, 2012

Love all you want

We do not always choose the right person at the very first try. We make mistakes, that is a given, but we must not regret or forget them… for those were memories made. We learn from those experiences and we move on. And as for me...Yes, I've been through hell in most of my past relationships... I’ve been cheated and treated like shit but still I never stop to love once more. Because of those wrong guys I dated, I learned how to understand and love different people therefore I am still thankful. Finding your soul mate was never easy, it takes time, be patient, you have all the time in the world. As the infamous saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason,” now, nobody said that the reason was always good one. There isn't always a happy ending, relationships do sometimes end that is why we need to pull ourselves back together because life will never stop for no one. 

“And love grew, strectched like a trampoline. Love changed. Love disappeared- slowly, like baby teeth… losing parts of me I thought I needed. Love vanished like an amatuer magician. Everyone could see the trap door but me. Like a flat tire there were other places I had planned on going but my plans didn’t matter. Love is not who you are expecting .Love is not what you can predict .Maybe Love is not ready for you. Maybe you are not ready for Love.”

“…Maybe love is only there for a month. Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit. Maybe love stays. Maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t. Love arrives exaclty when love is supposed to and love leaves exactly when love must.” -When Love Arrives

Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Something to think about

For two years, I chose to be blind, so as to spare myself from this inevitable pain. Yet even after witnessing all of this, I went back to him in a vain effort to prove to myself that he wanted me more than her. But in the end, no effort on my part could create a love that never existed. Whether or not a breakup involves infidelity, most of us know the pain of giving away our heart and receiving it back in pieces. You get so close to a guy, sharing laughter and memories. Slowly, you share yourself, and the two of you become part of each other’s life. Somewhere along the way, something changes. Something that was so wholesome and good begins slipping away, evolving into something different. At times, it happens at a rapid pace and everything changes overnight. But usually the change happens gradually, until what you once had with him becomes unrecognizable. There are small bits and pieces of what once was, but the picture has changed. The question is: Did the relationship change, or are you finally seeing it for what it is?" -Crystalina Evert 

Huwebes, Oktubre 25, 2012


Self pity is not attractive to most people.Telling people that you're lonely and sad can some times even repel you from everything that you want; even the people you wanna be with.

Hindi ko lubusang maintindihan kung bakit napakaraming tao ang mahilig i-degrade ang sarili nila. Nakakalungkot lamang isipin na ang baba baba ng tining nila sa sarili nila. I mean, bakit mo sasabihin sa lahat na ang pangit pangit mo, na ang taba taba mo, na hindi ka worthy, na walang magkakagusto sayo...BAKIT MO LALAITIN ANG SARILI MO?  Nakakapanghinayang.

Pero meron din namang mga taong OA na sa pagka self-pity kung baga nagiging " Attention seekers"  na kung makapagpost ng "I'm so ugly" "I'm so fat". HAY NAKO. AMBUT.... tapos may papostpost pa ng picture nila na mukha naman silang matino pero lalaitin pa rin nila sarili nila para lang mag-disagree mga friends nila... FYI that's not how it works!Doing that makes you look desperate.If you think that your picture is really that hideous,  then don't go posting it all over Facebook  for everybody to see!  Ayaw ko talaga manghusga, pero hindi ko lang talaga mapigilan. Nakakapanginit ng dugo.

*Sorry, kailangan ko lang talaga ilabas. 

Biyernes, Oktubre 19, 2012

A Happy Tummy

For lunch, my block mates and I ate at Vikings (the one near MOA). It was my first time to eat there so I was A LITTLE excited. Knowing that it was a buffet, I skipped breakfast and wore loose clothes (hahaha. Para may space ang tummy.) Everything was yummy, particularly the desserts! In fact 80% of what I ate were cakes and Ice creams. Haha! Well, sulit naman, :))) After a couple of hours of non-stop eating we planned on studying there but the food was too distracting so we had to go back to DLSU and ready ourselves for our quiz in NUMMETH. HUHU

I find this cute :)

I had super fun…especially my tummy. J Sana maulit, please. haha

Huwebes, Oktubre 18, 2012

Being Creative

I needed something to tie my hair up, then i saw my pink studded bracelet from Chic Habit and came up with this super cool idea :)

from a typical bracelet....

to an awesome hair accessory :)